Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year and Flashback

Hi all! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope that all of your faerie wishes come true at the New Years Ball!

And I wanted to take a moment for a flashback rewind to the old days for me. I remember all the great concerts me and my friends used to save our change and any little bit of money we pulled together at our fast food jobs just to get to the show in town on the weekend. One of my absolute favorites was Jon Bon Jovi! He always sings with such emotion and powerful energy. If any of you were ever there at one of his concerts you will remember how he would fly across the crowd with a a harness... I can remember him stopping for a song right above me once so close I could jump up and grab him ... I ALMOST did lol!

Some of the girls would wear ball gowns to the concerts. How time flies when you are having fun! This song brings back lots of lost memories for me. And its a good one to say goodbye and end the events of 2016 going into the new...thought I would share.

((hugs to you all)) You know who you are...


Updated: I had to add an update to this post and REMOVE Jon Bon Jovi video-for the point of it. I have recently came across some info about what a jerk he has been ruthless to the bands he "helped". I agree with the poster of one comment, Karma always comes back to get you. Especially when you are greedy!! Richie However does the right thing!

But as for Jon I am no longer a fan :O(