Friday, September 28, 2018

Scrapbook Mermaid Ginny

I made this one for mom... I thought it would be fun to put an animated mermaid on the channel and mom recorded a voice for her :O) Thanks mom...

I made her to look like an articulated paper doll mermaid, she even has tattoo's. Though mom doesn't have tattoo's, she really did turn out looking a lot like my mom.

Ocean tides and soft bells ring while ...she is swimming through these great scrapbook pages with butterflies. I just love butterflies.

Love you mom!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Fairy Tea House, Shabby Chic Ambiance with a Fairy Kitten :O)

A Fairy Tea House...purring Fairy Kitten! Butterflies! Hearts? Nature? Roses??? Shabby Chic? I am there ! :O)

Oh this was so much fun to make! I created the set in 3D and painted some layers and used clipart for others. It was fun to defy all the rules for the sake of cuteness! Making art like this makes me really love being a girl that much more :O)

I like the idea of the ASMR (sound therapy) rooms, its very similar to the idea of video games and the "ambiance" that they create. We all have these huge flat screen TV's now and lots of us crafters like to listen to soothing background noise when creating...and when it matches your craft room, well thats even better!

I had an idea to create these for myself and now its going to be a "thing"... because I really enjoyed it. I will do more themes as I go along. Right now I am working on putting this into the Mermaid Radio schedule...

But its available on demand below. If you want the extended long version.. I will be offering a CD soon with surprise goodies for a give away :O)

Love, Tam

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Merfolk Music

Mer-folk music ;O)

North Seas Mirage

Listen to Mermaid Radio: Ambient magical sounds of Merfolk music, a mirage in the glimmer of the Northern Seas a fairy Island awaits, but is it real? Music for study, sleep or relaxation; all sounds copyright Tammy Stallard