Sunday, November 24, 2019

Tautumeitas Latvian Singers

A friend shared this group and thought I would share it on my blog too. Here is their official website

For ancient Latvians, the name “tautumeitas” was given to young women at marriageable age but today it stands for all women dressed in national costumes.

Tautumeitas's music is created by six voices and six pairs of hands owned by Latvian girls, who believe that music makes the world better.

The principal interest of the group is traditional singing, especially multipart singing. The particular voice resonance created by this form of Latvian traditional singing provides enjoyment not only for the audience but also for the performers themselves. In order to portray traditional music from their own perspective and to show how the modern day 'Tautumeita' thinks and feels, the members each incorporate different instruments into this traditional a capella vocal music. The majority of the band's members have studied ethnomusicology, which is why there are many traditional music influences from different parts of the world. 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Linda Blair's Worldheart Foundation Fall Donations

I wanted to share this post for Linda. She is looking for emergency donations for her rescue foundation. Here are the links to her video and the donation page. She loves these dogs so much and makes sure each goes into the perfect home. Not many people know how much of her time goes into rescuing abused and neglected animals by nursing them back to health helping them to thrive again...

I am sure she will appreciate any donation that anyone could provide.


Donations can be made here:

Learn more at Linda's website here:

 Her book with the stories of her dogs will be available soon too...