Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Dragons soon & Mod Pick Gold Star!

More dragons coming soon... stay tuned!! Blue and Black... OOH can't wait !almost done!

Paru-Chi made moderators pick on!! Yay moderators pick gold star!! Every time I get one it gives me have first grader butterfly happys! lol

Paru-Chi sale link

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Paru-Chi Pearl Water Dragon with Quartz Crystal

Her name is Paru-Chi

Characteristics: Pearl Water Spirit born from sea foam
Color: Pearl White
Sphere of Power: Quartz Crystal 


♥ Hand sculpted and Hand painted one of a kind
♥ 10 and 8mm fresh water pearls embedded in her chest and tail and one wing charm.
♥ Quartz Crystal Gemstone, Crystal Ball sphere held by the tail
♥ Multiple moon Swarovski crystal and pearl flat backs
♥ Has a soft pearl finish with smoke details
♥ Ostrich plume beard and lambs wool mane

Paru-Chi Dragon measures 7 inches long by 7 inches high approximately. Comes in her own custom made display box with a signed artist card and Certificate of Dragonicity!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Homemade moldable castable silicone rubber compound!!

This is the most amazing and simple idea for making your own moulds I have ever seen! Totally trying this, off to casting!!! I am going to try casting some dolls from this!!

Jack o lantern spectacular 2013...last of my photos!! -updated

I am not sure who did what pumpkin for all of these, if I know I will put names beside them...
I updated this post with photos featuring some of my pumpkins that were taken by the photographer for the show... awesome images... here is the link to their photo gallery

my peacocks and panda

my panda


my wine & grapes

a repeat third version of my old kentucky home!

me, pandoras box


my peacocks in the daylight!





Karas friend..omg I forgot your name girl, but SEE you did a great job :o)



Matty & Edward


Me, second time around and BIGGER eyes!!




my photo of the peacocks


Travis's dragon, I tried to get all of it in a photo several times.. this is the best I could do. It just had so much light it kept moving!!

me...Erika and Marty