Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fairy Investigation #2 "Fairy Hill"

"Fairy Hill"

This investigation begins while heading down the trail to what will remain a secret location, I will say beyond the path where beautiful snow quartz was found. The quartz will be used to make a crystal waterfall for my miniature fairy garden to sit on a shelf in my studio. It will be a nice little place for the fairies to take a rest…

The weather was beautiful and it was so relaxing to get out for a walk and pick some nice flowers to press. There were some lovely shamrocks found and few that are now potted here on my desk. I also procured some beautiful moss rocks from along the trail. It was a good nature haul.

All of these wondrous magical items guided me right to an even more magical place that will from now on be called “Fairy Hill”. Trails of magnificent thick moss lead through the trees to the site of a GIANT rock in the middle of nowhere! I will be going back for a second investigation as this stone was very special but due to time I left it uninvestigated at the moment. I did get a photo of it from a distance. Could it possibly be another entrance to the underworld?

I decided that it might be a good idea to speak out and ask if the  etheric trolls may be around and if any wanted a photo. I shuttered a few random photos and set my camera in place and began to film, however after getting back to my desk and checking the camera I noticed that soon as I had hit record… somehow it shut itself off and never recorded more than 3 to 5 seconds! I was hoping to film the movement of any said trolls or fairies but it looks like I had a fairy hunter unexplained mechanical malfunction.. hmm…

After photos I hiked to the top of the hill...
of which on the other side resides a very deep drop to sudden death down to the creek..

 I found the most wonderful fairy gateway! It seems this might have been a hobbit home at one time but now is a gateway into the etheric realm. Walking through this doorway one literally steps out into the sky and to where?

Along the ridge of the Hill...

Pretty amazing place and I wish you could have been there!

I reviewed my photos closely when I got back. At first I was disappointed that I may not have caught a fairy this time. But to my shock.. the very last photo that I took that happened to be the very same place that my video recording failed there is a wee creature peeking from around a tree. It did make me jump from my chair. No one ever really expects a fairy to be there…

(Click the photos to enlarge)

Just like a ghost these things are unexplainable and can be unsettling.  Take a look for yourself. Looks like he is wearing a hat or has thick curly hair on top of his head and his eyes are very black and almond shaped just like my alien goblin trolls! 

Of course no one can say or prove for sure what this really is but I can tell you that this photo is un-doctored and that it is not about "believing" its about "being"... I was there and I know being there that there wasn't anything behind that tree that I could see with my eyes at the time.

Either way, I can’t wait to return to Fairy Hill! 'til next time...


Friday, May 20, 2016

Meeko and Monster Pet

Monster Pet ooak Art Doll, hand made, soft posable I ate my family, Monster needs home please adopt comes with safety lock and key

Meeko Elf Dragon ooak Art Doll, hand made, soft posable with faux leather wings and lots of hand painted details 7 inches tall

Monday, May 16, 2016

Moonlight Star Midnight Elf

Moonlight Star Midnight Elf ooak Art Doll, hand made, soft posable with sculpted driftwood staff and Swarovski crystals

Measures approximately 8 1/4 inches high.

Granny Willow Witch

Granny Willow Forest Witch ooak Art Doll, hand made, soft posable with golden elf driftwood staff, potion bottle in hat
Measures approximately 9 inches high.

Sale link is here