Tuesday, August 11, 2020

My Fairy Garden Photography

Just thought I would share some of my flower snaps from this year. Lots of things growing and more planned for next year. I have a few giant sunflower trees waiting to bloom and will add more as they come along...

The bees and butterflies are very happy. A chipmunk has made several attempts to make a burrow in the sunflowers by the river. I had to move the carnations after he got drunk off of them and made a bed in them and fell asleep. They are pretty heavenly ... I guess he did want and instant carnation breakfast ! lol


Mountain Sunflower collection from Penny & June in California

Apricot Candy Roses I got from a lovely lady in Washington state that have bloomed 3 rounds so far this year. They have one more spectacular bloom before the summers over at least :O)

 Just had to sneak this one in from last year... so fairy sparkly

A trail of sunflowers ranging from Crimson Queen to Chocolate, Strawberry Blonde and Tiny teacup sunflowers.

This is the first time that I ever grew Asters. The white ones are really like beautiful soft folds of cream they promised!

I had ordered white, but a few seeds from a beautiful pinkish purple came out too in about three seeds. That was a nice surprise the bees seem to like !

Moms Kentucky Marigolds... All of the butterflies are glued to these. This butterfly was so tiny less than an inch tall...

Soft Pink Carnations... I can't even begin to describe how heavenly these smell!


The lady bugs ...

Wild flower butterfly

Liliput Rose Zinnias

Baby Bottle brush gourds and pumpkin blossoms

Either the bees are overworked or I have lazy bees, they keep falling asleep in the flowers !

Bean Blossoms

Potato blossoms

The Lagoon.....

There is the photo haul for now. 

Have a beautiful summer...




Thursday, April 9, 2020

Some Obscure Blog...*Updated

Just to let the folks know that have asked.. yeah my mermaid radio etc may be down a while during this virus mayhem.

FYI... everythings going haywire! We have to save the hay and rewire the wire! too much to document!

Love you all... ttfn

*Update: All is running fine if you have any issues playing or see "channel offline" let me know email tammy@fairywillows.com. As always if your browser times out you may have to reload the page. Mermaid radio link is below, click the corner to go full screen. 

Maybe I will add something new in this week xoxo 

Monday, April 6, 2020

RE: Flashback

Yes I was one of those artsy girls in the 80's that splashed paint all over her clothes and spent hours in line at the record store dying for the new Duran Duran record.

So fits right now.....

Friday, March 27, 2020

Spring Sunshine from here to France *with updates

Please sun be here to stay! It rained for weeks straight. I also hope that everyone can get outside even though we are told to stay inside! That is one rule everyone should break...right now ..forever!

I haven't posted new pics in a while so I thought I would share my tree hugging. Also there are some lovely pics that Aude sent me from her morning walk in the French countryside. A beautiful sunrise that's shabby chic heaven. All the animals came out to meet her like snow white.

Two geese saw me sitting on the dock... landed and swam across the inlet to check me out. With fewer humans around, surely the animal realm knows that somethings wrong and are worried too.

Right now we can all take a break and get some sun together ;O)

French Sunrise... Thank you Aude! The bunny watching the sunrise is so sweet...
(click photos to enlarge)

Have a Fairy Great Day! ~Tammy

I am adding in a few extra photos. These were shared by my buddy Andy up in Winnipeg Canada... normally these streets are filled with people. Very eerie to see.. now that thats over lets just go outside and get back to normal please....

 And lovely photos from Roxie in the beautiful United Kingdom...just absolutely lovely! Spring is there and blooming and soaring and splashing. Thank you so much Roxie love ya girl!