Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meditation Movie

I meant to post this last week... sorry been really busy... but I think it turned out kinda cool. Meditate away.....

The blogger resolution is pretty low, so here is the youtube version link

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kyto Mystic Shaman

Kyto shaman, Ogden and Seeker style mini's now available in my shop.

Kyto is very special to me... lots of good energy come from him. He has buddies...

Kyto Shaman's Character: Kyto comes from a mystic island that has been lost in time. The Kyto shaman cannot speak, instead they sing. Beautiful melodies and bell tones. They are very soothing to listen to. Each has a beautiful crystal that holds the shaman power. Without it they cannot sing.

Sale link is her

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mandala Magic

My last post on FB got me playing around obsessively with fractals and Kaleidoscopes... nope I couldn't sleep.. sharing some of my creations ;O)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Walking on Sunshine! lol

Thank you Elaine, this is so funny! You assigned great rolls to my trolls! I love it! 

I am still laughing and rolling on the floor... Mom says they are "unsinkable" lol!!!

 view Elaines dance

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Belford takes his first Selfie!

Belford takes his first Selfie! lol! He isn't complete yet.. he's still in the Dream Factory undergoing plastic and foam sugary........ ~Tam

Custom PRE-Orders now available for Seeker

Seeker, Goblin Hide and Seek Creature Wicked and Creepy Monster under the bed OOAK Art Doll Sculpted quality polymer clays with faux furs

Order link is here

This version of Seeker is an artist direct PRE-ORDER, please expect delivery in 4 to 8 weeks. These will be custom made by me and I am offering the color options below:

Black lambs wool hair
Grey lambs wool hair

Black Leather clothes
Brown Leather clothes

Please specify color selection at check out.

The original sculpture created from Fimo clay over wire armature and will be converted to soft silicone with details for skin to be more realistic looking and for more longevity for posing ability. Your custom Goblin will be fashioned with love and care to the smallest detail. Eyes and features all hand painted. His body is soft and features black feathers, lambs wool hair, faux leathers and furs. Fully posable with tail.

Comes with Fairy Willow certificate and signed artists card. Measures approximately 14 to 15 inches high. Shipping is a bit more expensive on this doll because of how carefully he will be packaged and boxed to ensure he arrives safely to his new home.

Seeker's character; Seeker is that Goblin at the edge of the forest waiting for you or the monster under the bed. He likes to play dark games of hide and seek. You might never find him or catch him... but he always has his eye on you. Creeping through the tree tops he follows you in the woods. Play a wicked game of hide and seek in the woods with him if you dare !

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seeker visits Bernadette at Brid's Closet Cornwall NY

Seeker got to meet Bernadette today! they discussed a magical display...of course Ava the magical bunny added her thoughts. Thanks for the chat Bernadette we had a lovely time! your shop is beautiful!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tah Lula Bell Love Dust Pixie

Tah Lula Bell's Character: She is a love pixie. She is that one that fly's around sprinkling love dust in the face of angry hearted folks. The grumpier you are the more she will shower you. She really likes to make "unhappy" people happy. Note - if you try to hug her she will bite you... that's her one down side.

Tah Lula Bell, Pixie Elf Creature OOAK Art Doll Sculpted quality polymer clays genesis heat set paints in purple with pink pixie dust - she has Glitter lip gloss and nail polish ... lol I couldn't resist ! She's so TROLL cute and I love her and never want to let her go ;o)

Sale link is here

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Iconic Artist Moment the Dying of my Puppet and New Trolls

Documented an awesome artist moment this week. Its just been so fun and a busy lately. I have more new trolls coming after this post. Here are some photos I took this week while working at Bills studio. My new buddy Ron Chaney (grandson of ...the Lon Chaney horror film icons Sr and Jr) was helping the other legend Bill Diamond first ever puppet. I was watching them in awe at the moment when Ron said "don't you think you should go get your camera?". I was like WOW omg yeah-and ran across the studio to get it lol! I can't wait to see my puppet finished!!

How awesome! I can't believe this is my life now... I have been having so much fun! We are working on a very awesome and cool project and I will let you know more details soon. Here are a few shots of this weeks visit with the photo of Mr. Chaney with my other new buddy John working out some business.

And Troll and Goblin Dig Um's at my shop. Professor Snorley, King Kroll, Lemon Dust, Rizor and Ambrose!

Shop link