Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Cup & Muff from Park Bakery

I just saw this and had to share the post! Tiffany did such a good job! How cute is this? I love the two faced cinnamon bun! LOL!!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sparkles and Gretel! Happy Holidays!!

Sparkles and Gretel, a Christmas short based on the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel but with a unicorn twist!

When I designed Gretel I had no idea how much work would go into puppeteering her in a small space. She is just under two feet tall and we had to make a special rig to operate her. Thanks so much to Tiffany and John for helping direct us for the camera as we were completely blind.

The animations took up to a year to make. Thanks to mom for the suggestions on the new Gingys... of course these are so much better thanks to her!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all and I hope you get some much needed laughs! We had so much fun... there is a great out take I will post soon too!

Tammy :O)

Just updated with a new behind the scenes video..... Yes this is the coolest place in the world to work ;O)

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Dancing Gingyman Test

I am working on my Holiday short for this year. This is the Gingyman test. Just a quick preview... I had a little giggle at him and thought I would share. Its turning out really cute.

It will be my "sort of" version of Hansel and Gretel. I have been working on some of the 3D sets since last year. More updates coming soon!

Tammy :O)

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Skeksis Prophecy Come True??

Hi All,

I was late to the game in finding this info, not sure how I missed it! I just had to make a video.

This is a strange Skeksis world we are living in... let me know what you think about this strange event! Am I taking this too far? hmm I don't know, the stars have aligned and we can't let the Shadow Skeksis win ;O)

I thought you would get a kick out of this one as I did...

Love, Tammy

Bed music from Glen Baisley archives & The Rise of Skeksis theme music is based on the original Dark Crystal Score Copyright the Henson Company written by Trevor Jones

Also I would like to add a link to Lucy's article here https://cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk/the-ansty-mystery-the-final-interview/

Monday, October 29, 2018

Sleepy Holloween

Finally I finished the Sleepy Hollow project video. It really took me a while to put everything together. I had intended on adding my fairy investigation at the end but it ran pretty long. So this is part one and I will do an edition later. The puppet master Bill Diamond will show up working his magic in the Creative Shop. There were pumpkin heads and a giant Spectre...but time was so cruched, it really was so much hard work just to turn the camera on and record what I did without knocking it over every 5 minutes.

I show a quick run through of making the ghostly puppets and run through a quick shortened version of Washington Irvings tale. I must say he really wrote in tongue twisters! You try reading the original you will see lol!

Plus I show some of my photographs taken and creeeepsy grave yards. You can play the video on demand below. If it stalls-refresh/reload the page, that is the nature of streaming over the internet!

Happy SleepyHolloween !


P.s. As mentioned, anyone that wants to sign up for a class in puppet making please send me an email and I will try to work it out.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cinderella flashback ---<---@ updated

I just came across this epic performance with Lizzy Hale of Halestorm and I love her she rocks!... this is so awesome! After Tom struggled with vocal cord issues with his voice it's so neat to see her back him up so well. I just had to update this post and share for anyone that missed it too.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Scrapbook Mermaid Ginny

I made this one for mom... I thought it would be fun to put an animated mermaid on the channel and mom recorded a voice for her :O) Thanks mom...

I made her to look like an articulated paper doll mermaid, she even has tattoo's. Though mom doesn't have tattoo's, she really did turn out looking a lot like my mom.

Ocean tides and soft bells ring while ...she is swimming through these great scrapbook pages with butterflies. I just love butterflies.

Love you mom!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Fairy Tea House, Shabby Chic Ambiance with a Fairy Kitten :O)

A Fairy Tea House...purring Fairy Kitten! Butterflies! Hearts? Nature? Roses??? Shabby Chic? I am there ! :O)

Oh this was so much fun to make! I created the set in 3D and painted some layers and used clipart for others. It was fun to defy all the rules for the sake of cuteness! Making art like this makes me really love being a girl that much more :O)

I like the idea of the ASMR (sound therapy) rooms, its very similar to the idea of video games and the "ambiance" that they create. We all have these huge flat screen TV's now and lots of us crafters like to listen to soothing background noise when creating...and when it matches your craft room, well thats even better!

I had an idea to create these for myself and now its going to be a "thing"... because I really enjoyed it. I will do more themes as I go along. Right now I am working on putting this into the Mermaid Radio schedule...

But its available on demand below. If you want the extended long version.. I will be offering a CD soon with surprise goodies for a give away :O)

Love, Tam

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Merfolk Music

Mer-folk music ;O)

North Seas Mirage

Listen to Mermaid Radio: Ambient magical sounds of Merfolk music, a mirage in the glimmer of the Northern Seas a fairy Island awaits, but is it real? Music for study, sleep or relaxation; all sounds copyright Tammy Stallard

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Audrey the Sunflower

I have been waiting weeks for her to finally boom! I couldn't wait to find out what she looked like. And today is the day! Her name is Audrey and she is now shinning her sunshine on the world!

It was hard work protecting her from the sunflower thieves! Oh they were little bandits!

I found some of the sunflowers drooping over and when I lifted them up what did I find? The bees are so intoxicated by their scent and probably a combination of the hard work its taking to pollinate them that they are literally falling asleep inside the sunflowers lol! Its so funny, they are knocked out and curled up there.

Well if I was that small and had wings, I think I would take a nap in a sunflower too.. I am so jealous! lol

Of course there is Audrey II and Audrey III that I am still waiting on!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Moonshins Update!

We did our first Moonshins shoot yesterday! Sharing a few photos of me with the Moonshin ladies ...Mia, Sage and Hope You all did such a great job!

Will post more soon!

Stay tuned for the new Moonshins trailer... thank you Louise for the great photos!!


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Park Bakery

Tiffany did such an awesome job on her puppets! Thought I would share her post for all to check out. Here are Cup and Muff!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mermaid Radio!

Now streaming 24/7 Mermaid Radio...

I have fun playing around with ambient sounds and thought I would share them... have a listen to my experimental ambient sound channel. Though it says mermaids... sometimes there are faeries :O)

Please leave a comment

You can preview below and always find the link from the home page...

Monday, June 4, 2018


OH my gosh I am laughing so hard!!! I actually got a 24/7 live TV cast up and running on my video page. And so came the task of trying to pick a name!

Trollavision! It was perfect lol! Its silly and its a cool play on television. So I finally get to showcase my characters without fakebook and bootube! Right now I am running a few rerun videos from my past projects and drawings. However I do have a new video that I uploaded today and I will play the on demand version below. BUT the provider is doing routine maintenance at the moment... hopefully that doesn't happen too much. Or it won't be 24/7! You can't have all of your eggs in one basket and I have other options that will be going out soon too. I really want to expand my site this year and have some really cool things planned :O)

I will be making lots of tranquil relaxation videos with a fantasy twist. And also plan on making some tutorials and working on my fairy willow story time theme. I have a monthly limit on content as I figure the scheduling and everything out...

Also, there is a bit of a re-vamp that I did to the website. I will be sending out an email with updates soon. With all of the events, hurricanes, power outages and computer being fried and projects etc. I have neglected lots and am just now getting caught up (I hope)

This is going to be fun! Click on the link below or you can always view from the front page of my site or the "video" button...

Stay tuned lol!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Spring Faeries!

Related image

Sitting along side the lagoon in nature and startled by a pair of eyes caught spying on me! Peeping through the wooden beams green skin and wide eyed with a sneaking curiosity. Jumping and shaken I kicked and hawed at the sight when I should have kept my senses and greeted him. But you too would be shocked at the peering. Faeries are REAL! I say!

I had spent the day picking wild daisies and gathering honeysuckle blossoms for making some lovely perfume. But did I possibly take too much? Were the faeries watching and curious as to who is dipping in their blossom reserves?

Some time ago in a waking dream I was met by a lovely little fairy about two feet tall riding a miniature baby dear. She had feathers in her hair and a tiny spear. She was in a lovely royal gown and was most likely a princess in her world. She had long flowing black hair and had volunteered to make the journey to contact me as an ambassador on behalf of the faeries and the message given was; for me to leave notes tied to the trees for the fae and that any note that I leave is promised to be answered right away.

They seemed eager to converse...

This week sounds like a good time to start :O)

From my fairy desk...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Moonshins Update!

Here is an update for The Moonshin's making of preview...

Go to Bill Diamonds Productions youtube and subscribe for updates!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chiller This weekend!

Chiller is this weekend down to the last minute.. I just finished painting and putting together Bill's sketch into a poster. Wow that took for-eevvver to paint! Whew!

Side note: Years of graphic design, told over and over to make sure the registration marks are perfectly aligned... mishap after mishap with the printing press (one time it even pulled my hair in-that hurt) and perfecting the exact flow of ink into the press to have pristine registration marks-ahhh! and NOW... hours spent trying to mimic OFF the registration mark news prints for the old fashioned look lol
**slaps forehead** I know my old print teacher Mr. Hughs is rolling in his grave. Boy did he use to cuss at me for breaking rules. lol.

You can get your copy by visiting Bill this weekend its Limited Edition. I can't wait to see it printed :O)

Also note this will be with the new release of the newly digitally remastered Aurora Monsters documentary by Bill Diamond and Cortlandt Hull. Bill is the President of the Witches Dungeon and Cortlandts Museum has been featured by Ripley's Believe it or not! The new version also has a tribute to Zacherley.

So cool... yes Mr. Hughs (where ever you are) I did actually become a graphic designer.. even though you told me I wouldn't make it.. among other things HA!

Adding this update... Photo of Bill and Jude at Chiller :O) They have the poster lol!
Yay for girl puppet powers!! :O)