Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crystals.. I love! I got distracted making these for a friend. Galactic Swarovski crystals...

These were tricky to make.. they look simple. The idea was simple, but to make it work took some thought....and trial and error.

For this set of two earrings... it took five times to get it right, I broke the thread twice and over crimped the crimp once and dropped two crimps on the floor (good luck finding those).. grrrr! frustration... but I think she will like them!!

Galactic Swarovski crystals
Czech crystals, silver and crystal
Silver Czech Preciosa charlottes
24k gold earwires

Wow look at this great selection of gem stones! These will be added to my new dragons. I thought the glass globes were nice, but how about something a little more luxurious? Like tiger eye, jasper, amethyst,hematite, amazonite and quartz!!

These are just perfect magic crystal balls! I can't wait to see them with my dragons.

I am sharing the shop I got these at .. have a look, she has the most lovely crystals! 


Monday, February 25, 2013

The making of Elixur II ...

He is still in process. More photos to come :)


Fairy Willow Lane, my new channel!

New easier way for me to update...

Welcome to my new blog! This is going to be an easier way for me to update..

Facebook, Deviant Art and Elfwood are a few of the multiple sites that keep me busy updating. I am going to abandon most of the other sites and focus on this blog and youtube. I am hoping to save myself time and head ache. This will also allow those of you that do not use Facebook to leave comments and interact.

I encourage comments and feedback! I love to hear what people think of my artwork ..good and bad! Thats how we artists grow!

Thanks and I will get to posting soon!

This is one of my current projects.. Oh thar be Dragons!