Sunday, May 28, 2017

End of May Things....

Its been really busy, but wanted to share a few cool things. More to come soon..

Mia wearing a fairy crown at her first gallery show of her artwork. She is so amazingly talented ! I got to meet her sister Hope who is so talented too! Thank you to the family for including me!

Then there are doughnut and cookie puppets for the commercial we are working on for Park Bakery!

And... OLLIE! What a great story... my friend Matty lives in Hawaii and this cute little love bird flew out from the tropics followed him around and became his best friend :O) I hear he has lots of personality... you can see it in his photos!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spring Baby Birds Invade the Studio

Oh no... they poopied all over the photographers equipment! Well what can you do? No way I could get diapers on them lol!

The Making of Ludo Plushie from the Labyrinth!

Here he is little plushie Ludo... with process photos below. This was a custom request by a fan of the Labyrinth. If you remember at the end of the Labyrinth movie Sarah is back safe at home and surrounded by all of her stuffed animals again...

leaving us to believe it was all just a dream where her collection had come to life. Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies if not THE most favorite! I think all of us doll artists feel the same way. There is a level of art that we all hope to achieve that will never be matched in that movie! If you have not seen the must check it out!

Faerie Blessings


Remember to click images to enlarge...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Ewoks and Coffee :O)

So I got to meet the most awesome little peoples actor today Felix Silla! We had coffee and got to chat. He is so awesome a great guy and funny! He stopped by when visiting at a local comic con. It was a fun morning. This guy has so much energy its inspiring! He will have an interview in the next Fairy Hunter Magazine....

For anyone that may not remember the beloved Ewok's from starwars

Felix has had a long an amazing career as a stunt man and also played cousin "it" from the Addams family and played as Twiki from Buck Rogers


Thank you Felix! Really enjoyed the view and coffee by Hudson!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Beltane Festival Day :O) - updated

I will be at the Beltane Festival today. I Hope we do not get any rain! Its been raining for two weeks !! The festival is at a beautiful winery and we need a beautiful sun shine day. I will have fairies trolls and faery head dresses. Will update this post later on with photos.


Had to cut the day short, winds were horrible! Here is what my table looked like before it all blew away!

I will be posting the remaining head dresses on my shop this week...


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Etsy Tyranny Update for the Shield Maidens

Looks like Etsy's stock fell and the CEO was fired today!

As a fellow craft shop owner mentioned "KARMA" ....Strange how the article mentions a "faster execution" for the out going CEO. Really? do they plan on executing him?

8% of the workforce is getting fired-hopefully that will be the rude ones like Joey, you know who you are. So I wonder what new rule changes are on the table for the poor shop owners this time? Now we see why Etsy needs the extra fee money from forced transactions placed on Etsy merchants. It looks as though this company is being ruled by "might is right" protocol straight out of Brooklyn and has positioned itself as a direct sledge hammer on the artist crafty home maker population. I am sure they will initiate the "bankrupt buyout" money scam shortly.

Very happy I no longer have to deal with them. I have faith that as positive creative light beings we will  one day soon create a new market system for us to sell our handmade wares for the benefit of the artist directly - without the rules of these parasite companies.

To the creative ladies/Shield Maiden's that follow me... Always remember your energy belongs to you! It originates from your spirit. Do everything in your power to wield and direct it in the way you see fit, not allowing anyone else to misdirect and steal or drain it from you! As long as you have good intentions the Universe will always back you up...keep up your great work!