Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Etsy Tyranny Update for the Shield Maidens

Looks like Etsy's stock fell and the CEO was fired today! https://techgossip.org/etsy-craters-14-after-announcing-its-ceo-is-stepping-down-and-job-cuts-are-coming/

As a fellow craft shop owner mentioned "KARMA" ....Strange how the article mentions a "faster execution" for the out going CEO. Really? do they plan on executing him?

8% of the workforce is getting fired-hopefully that will be the rude ones like Joey, you know who you are. So I wonder what new rule changes are on the table for the poor shop owners this time? Now we see why Etsy needs the extra fee money from forced transactions placed on Etsy merchants. It looks as though this company is being ruled by "might is right" protocol straight out of Brooklyn and has positioned itself as a direct sledge hammer on the artist crafty home maker population. I am sure they will initiate the "bankrupt buyout" money scam shortly.

Very happy I no longer have to deal with them. I have faith that as positive creative light beings we will  one day soon create a new market system for us to sell our handmade wares for the benefit of the artist directly - without the rules of these parasite companies.

To the creative ladies/Shield Maiden's that follow me... Always remember your energy belongs to you! It originates from your spirit. Do everything in your power to wield and direct it in the way you see fit, not allowing anyone else to misdirect and steal or drain it from you! As long as you have good intentions the Universe will always back you up...keep up your great work!


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