Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Magic Pumpkins!

Added pictures of the Mayor and the artists that were posted on the Jackolantern Facebook!

Really bad photo of me Matty!!!!

This ones not so bad ;)

Paul and Travis with their Louisville Sluggers...

Paul's awesome Medusa!

Travis's... um.. uh... hmm, well .. I dunno what the h*ll it is. But its COOL n Scary ;)

Mattys golden pretty!

Charlottes cool Jaws and cutie Koala bear ...

My Christmas Germany pumpkin... it wraps around and had to get it in three photos! This is actually a white pumpkin. But apparently the white pumpkins are still just orange inside! This is the closest I will ever get to my own living Kincade :O) I love the lights in the windows and the tree in the front living room window. Thanks to the old rusty nail I found lurking in the park's work shop.. that did the trick for the christmas lights !

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Taking a break from pumpkins for some fun!

I just have to share this one... thanks Sam for the photos me in the Nascar on friday :o) .. that was really fun and best of all it was great seeing my old coworkers and getting good hugs! Miss all of you and our daily pranks that we probably wouldn't get away with now lol!!!!

Harvest Moon Apothecary Shoppe coming soon!

Please be sure and favorite Missy's new shoppe! You may see my items in her shoppe soon! Beautiful job Missy.. and

Steam Dragon with clock gears, copper and Swarovski ruby heart!

New Steam Dragon posted! Sale link here

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Passion for Pumpkins & Jack O Lantern Spectacular 2013 artist photos!

The Passion for Pumpkins logo pumpkin

Celtic Eyes... I have another to replace this one soon and its 3 times BIGGER!



The Mayors pumpkin is there in the middle. It was really nice of him to stop by our workshop and tell me how he liked his pumpkin! All of the logo pumpkins around him were done by Shelby.. she did a great job and did SO MANY!

Travis's Hydra ... very cool! Should see in much detail. 

This is my angels... the reflection of the back of the pumpkin is in the mirror...

I really like this one...back in my old kentucky home....yes.

My snow pumpkin.. for germany and will go out soon! cant wait to see it lit up!

This is my Hob Goblin Hogbin! I was so excited to get him into the show! yay :0) Thanks pumpkin guys!

Last but not least, my dedication for Jane Henson. I found this great image of her online with a heart. The pumpkin is no more now.. the heart glowed so bright.