Sunday, August 5, 2018

Audrey the Sunflower

I have been waiting weeks for her to finally boom! I couldn't wait to find out what she looked like. And today is the day! Her name is Audrey and she is now shinning her sunshine on the world!

It was hard work protecting her from the sunflower thieves! Oh they were little bandits!

I found some of the sunflowers drooping over and when I lifted them up what did I find? The bees are so intoxicated by their scent and probably a combination of the hard work its taking to pollinate them that they are literally falling asleep inside the sunflowers lol! Its so funny, they are knocked out and curled up there.

Well if I was that small and had wings, I think I would take a nap in a sunflower too.. I am so jealous! lol

Of course there is Audrey II and Audrey III that I am still waiting on!