Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wonderfest 2013! The model contest entries...there were over 500 this year!

These are but a few of the best I saw this year.. a few winners are buried in these photos! Have fun!

Tammy :0)

Wonderfest 2013 still more photos!

More Wonderfest 2013 Photos - we even had starwars cookies :)

Sara Karloff - the nicest lady ever :o)

Beautiful display from the Witches Dungeon!

Hey... where's Bill??? lol.

My table... I forgot my banner!! Darn it!

Wonderfest 2013 Photos are here!

Here are some of the characters from Wonderfest 2013! Great costumes... I didn't get everyone but they all did such a great job!

what a cute Dino, she and her friends made that suit!

There's William Stout about to put his drawing hand into a dino mouth!

Me being taken hostage by Darth Vaders Troopers!!