Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Iconic Artist Moment the Dying of my Puppet and New Trolls

Documented an awesome artist moment this week. Its just been so fun and a busy lately. I have more new trolls coming after this post. Here are some photos I took this week while working at Bills studio. My new buddy Ron Chaney (grandson of ...the Lon Chaney horror film icons Sr and Jr) was helping the other legend Bill Diamond first ever puppet. I was watching them in awe at the moment when Ron said "don't you think you should go get your camera?". I was like WOW omg yeah-and ran across the studio to get it lol! I can't wait to see my puppet finished!!

How awesome! I can't believe this is my life now... I have been having so much fun! We are working on a very awesome and cool project and I will let you know more details soon. Here are a few shots of this weeks visit with the photo of Mr. Chaney with my other new buddy John working out some business.

And Troll and Goblin Dig Um's at my shop. Professor Snorley, King Kroll, Lemon Dust, Rizor and Ambrose!

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