Thursday, December 22, 2016

A little Scrooge rant before Christmas...

Hi All

It has come to my attention yet again that a certain artist is copying my work. She even sent out a christmas notice to her customers with a troll painted face just like my etheric elves with a jewel in the forehead. She is from Norway and one would think that her being born in the home of the trolls would inspire her own original ideas... yet not. So I decided to write a poem to the Scrooge Shirley on this fine holiday.

And also announce that I will begin a secret section that only my customers can sign up and have access to see private listings. That way no one will have access to certain trolls except the buyers. Look for that section coming soon! Tammy

Troll Scrooge Shirley
by Tammy

Shirley Shirley the copycat
Stealing ideas and inspirations
How dare you take from others joy
And soil their aspirations!

Shirley Shirley surely has talent of her own
if only she understood how true artists have grown
Through our own hard work, trial and error
From our dreams and visions!

Shirley Shirley surely wishes to be like us!
They say that imitation is the surest form of flattery...
And being inspired is one thing ...but not searches from bing!
Not when stealing from our art supply money
And our livelyhood to pay our bills, honey!

You undercut our prices and lie to the collectors,
The fans that know us all and have an eye for beauty!
Shirley surely they know you are a Scrooge this christmas
Stealing the art from all the other artists holiday sales!
Santa surely has you on his naughty list...
For your art compared to ours Shirley, surely PALES!