Saturday, December 20, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Giant Roses...

I never made my kickstarter funds... so I have to be cheap and creative! I saw these beautiful giant flowers in Michaels .. but at up to $20 and $30 each ... NO WAY!

I did a quick search and was reminded that I can make my own flowers. I remember making paper flowers with my mom when I was a kid. So I found this great link on how to make giant roses!

These are awesome!! I made these giant roses out of coffee filters! I have a whole stack for $1 and including the wire. I think its about $1.50 each these cost to make or less.... I will fill my whole shop with these roses and flowers. I really like how the coffee filters dry and "dither" the paint softly. In the instructions they use crape paper.... but totally digging the cheap coffee filters instead. Plus you can dye them any color you want. I used a spray bottle with pink watered down paint and then touched the centers with a paint brush of darker pink.

I really felt like Alice in Wonderland painting the roses in the garden for the queen... ;O)

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