Monday, September 29, 2014

Kickstart Fairy Willows Troll Workshop!

Finally!! Its done! MY KICKSTARTER its up and running!! Please show your support!
Here's the link

Its going to be a nerve racking 30 days for me. I really hope I can reach my goal. My dreams depend on it. I know if I don't I will always find a way... but won't it be such a joy to have some fairy helpers?

Sending out my emails, please share my link and spread the word? every little bit counts. Remember, even if you pledge - I won't get a dime unless I hit the $10,000 dollar amount mark. Plus kickstarter, amazon and uncle sam all take fees from this amount and I will be purchasing supplies for all of my gifts and printing costs.

So I did leave room for stretch goals if I dare to dream! Maybe a good stretch goal could be flying as a guest for the ribbon cutting opening of my shop??? Oh I do dare to dream!

Here's the youtube link

Love you all so much xoxo


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