Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whats a Dig Um ?

What is a "Dig Um" you ask? A Troll, Elf or Goblin Dig Um has been enchanted by a fairy village and is being held hostage-OH my! A Dig Um borrows themselves into the ground and lives in a hole that they will not or cannot leave. Some times ...after the fairy village sets them free... they stay... they are too accustomed to the safety and security of the hole they have lived in for so many years. Some are grumpy at times and set traps for unsuspecting by passers. Some are friendly and live with the fairy villagers and their hat wear is a great place for a fairy nap or a new fairy dwelling.

For sale are Goff and Okie sleeping fairy, Corkle, Trench and Grubb. Grubb is the one that seems to have issues with the pesky fairies dwelling in his hat... but he puts up with it!

Finally after a million years images are uploaded... I miss my apple puter :o/ but I am here now.. at my destination and so excited for the upcoming weeks ~feeling totally inspired!

The sale link to my shop is here


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