Sunday, April 14, 2013

Troll HUNTING!!!

I got to go Troll hunting this weekend! It was so much fun!!

Okay, I just found this magical place hidden at the edge of the forest... and even scarier this was near a really old cemetery.

I had to climb over brush and sticker bushes as there wasn't a path. There are two more Troll or "Fairy Houses" that I discovered but I am keeping those photos to myself. One actually had a large palm leaf filled with fresh picked berries laying neatly next to the entrance! I thought I would share this one with my fairy buddies!

This structure was about 15 feet tall... it could even belong to bigfoot! lol

I high tailed it out of there real quick as to not disturb the seclusion of it all. I plan on taking a trip back for better pictures with a canoe.

Troll or fairy hunting-the only way you could ever get me in a canoe :)

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