Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tammys Creations update: I have been trying for a year to transition from tammys-creations to Fairy Willow. I began creating my artwork under the name fairy willow 15 years ago and had strayed away from the name. Now more than ever I think it fits my work best. I know I have a steady group of visitors to my old website which is now down, and no more… but the new site will be up and running within the week and I hope to offer some cool links. I will announce it next week !!

Update on the magazine. Fairy Willow magazine has been put on hold until later this year. I have too many commissions and personal projects in order to devote the time I would like to right now. I have not forgotten all who wish to be involved. I simply have been so swamped it is a daily struggle to keep up, esp while I have a full time job and one part time job and do volunteer work.

Thanks everyone and remember this Facebook link will be dissolved soon as well… I know its a lot of change but sometimes thats what we need to move forward :)


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