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Friday, April 26, 2013

Lux the Purple Glo in the Dark Dragon!

His name is Lux, he lives somewhere in the lost islands and can swim deep underwater like lockness and fly too! Because he is a creature of the sea.. he has the ability to glow in the deepest darkness.... 

Etsy sale link:

He features:

Fantasy Paper wings
AB iridescent Glass, Crystal Ball
11 AB Swarovski crystals total! AB (Aurora Borealis) rainbow sparkles!
Purple feather plumes
Glitter for more Sparkle
Fluorescent pink, green, aqua, yellow and purple stripes hand painted detail
and last but not least, Glow in the Dark pigments. Just place him under a lamp or direct sunlight and he will glow a deep purple in the darkness. He will also glow under a black light. (see his glow in the dark photos below!)

Lux is one of a kind. He measures 7 inches long by 7 inches high approximately. Comes in his own custom made display box with a signed artist card and Certificate of Dragonicity! 

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