Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Etsy's Tyranny

I am posting this notice for my customers as Etsy has now blocked my ability to send messages as "punishment" for speaking out and sending an alert to my fans.

Yes... really they did! They seem to think they are my boss and that I answer to them, or something.

I do plan on writing an article to answer some of the responses I got and help with some suggestions from those of us that have left. Through trying to contact those that have favorited my etsy shop of the years. Finally Etsy has put their last nail in the coffin for me.

Open letter to my fans and why I am closing my etsy shop...



Message to my fans

You are receiving this message because you have favorited, purchased or liked an item from FairyWillow’s Etsy shop. Etsy has forced me to send this urgent notice to you and is forcing (on mass scale) Etsy shop closings for anyone that wants to sell through paypal only. They created a new new rule that says if you only want to use “trusted” paypal then your shop will be forcibly closed by May 18th. So since I choose to use a reliable service such as paypal with paypal protection and Etsy itself does not respond to buyer or seller disputes and leaves them ignored. I am forced into the position with many others to close my shop in order to maintain customer satisfaction. With Etsy’s new policy people with stolen credit cards can make purchases of our items steal them and all of us hand made buyers are left open to theft with no way to pursue a refund. Etsy has shown full disregard to all artists and creators that have funded their company through our hard work sweat and tears of the years. This is an absolute slap in the face.

Last year I saw this trend and I created my own shopping cart checkout at my website where all sales go securely through paypal with piece of mind of buyer and seller protection and 24 phone assistance for us both. If you would like to keep up with my creations you can sign up on my website or blog here by entering your email. I promise not to spam, I only send emails out to my fans on new creations and the exciting things we are doing here at the movie studio. You can always unsubscribe at any time…

What ever you do, please be aware that any etsy purchase goes to fund a company that seeks absolute control of the artists on etsy as money slaves in every way. They data mine every purchase you make and when you make a purchase on Etsy after the May 18th deadline you are supporting their destruction of the income of struggling mothers, and grandmothers and all hand made wares of America. When will the people stand up and say, I WILL NOT COMPLY?

Today IS that day for me, I will not comply and I will NO LONGER support or feed a company that parasites off of hard working people in order to obtain more fees and deals through credit card companies and fraudulent claims. We as people need to step back from all of these “companies” trying to control our lives, what we do and what we say. Facebook, twitter etsy etc. have to know that we will no longer support their slavery of US. Because I am telling you this…… I may even have my shop shut down or be forcibly silenced today because WE as the sellers are forbidden to speak to other sellers or even notify etsy patrons of our plight.

But the last time I looked, I am in America a free country where I have free speech! I am an inventor, I am a creator, I am a 5 star seller and I worked hard over several years to EARN that rating… I make dreams into reality for anyone that asks and so I hope you will follow me and join my newsletter onto my new platform and support any other artist you have bought from in the past as they are facing this same choice, be backed into a corner, comply or starve.

Join me at and please message your favorite buyer or seller to show support before they close shop and you do not get to hear from them again.

Thank you


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