Monday, June 30, 2014

Elwee & Nick's Wicked Awesome Collection!

Wicked awesome customer pics of Elwee from Nick! Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your amazing collection! Elwee is right in the middle of a cool cast looking all sinister like he might just jump out and BITE anyone that gets too close to the glass! lol! I love the shadows on his face and nose in the photos. I think I may even recognize some of my fellow Fairy Society dollmaker's creations in there too! This is also amazing because it shows that we doll artists are really making something that people treasure and going against all of that mass produced "stuff" from China!

I do so love hearing from all of my sure you all do keep in touch because you really are my friends. You support my art and keep me always inspired to do more and new creations. I love all the messages and letters and ideas you all send. I do keep an artist scrapbook where I add customer photos... Keep them coming... I move in a week and I really can't wait to focus on just being inspired!

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